ERP Consulting

Our ERP consulting team of seasoned professionals with extensive industry knowledge and technical expertise offers comprehensive ERP consulting services to help organizations in the education sector optimize their operations, streamline processes, and achieve their business goals.

Navigating ERP Success

Our services empower companies to optimize their enterprise resource planning (ERP) software, enabling them to streamline and automate their daily business operations. Our expert advisory support guides organizations through implementing a new ERP solution or enhancing the value of existing software.

Our expertise spans across three leading ERP systems:

  • NetSuite
  • PeopleSoft
  • Workday

NetSuite Consulting

  • Implementation and Customization
  • Process Optimization
  • Financial Management
  • Inventory and Supply Chain Management
  • CRM and Sales Management
NetSuite Consulting

Our NetSuite consulting services are designed to help our customers harness the full potential of this robust cloud-based ERP platform.

Implementation and Customization

We assist organizations in the seamless implementation of NetSuite, tailoring the system to meet unique business requirements and workflows.

Process Optimization

We analyze existing processes and identify areas for improvement, streamlining operations, and enhancing efficiency.

Financial Management

We help organizations leverage NetSuite’s powerful financial management capabilities, enabling them to gain real-time insights into their financial performance, manage budgets, and streamline accounting processes.

Inventory and Supply Chain Management

We optimize inventory and supply chain management processes, ensuring accurate tracking, efficient order fulfillment, and seamless logistics management.

CRM and Sales Management

We help leverage NetSuite’s customer relationship management (CRM) and sales management functionalities, enhancing customer engagement, lead generation, and sales tracking.

PeopleSoft Consulting

  • Implementation and Upgrades
  • HR and Payroll Management
  • Financial and Grants Management
  • Student Administration
  • Campus Self-Service Portals
PeopleSoft Consulting

Our PeopleSoft consulting services focus on enabling educational institutions to leverage the power of this comprehensive ERP system.

Implementation and Upgrades

We guide our customers through the entire PeopleSoft implementation or upgrade process, ensuring a smooth transition and minimal disruption.

HR and Payroll Management

We assist in streamlining human resources and payroll processes, automating workflows, and improving data accuracy and compliance.

Financial and Grants Management

We help organizations optimize financial and grants management processes, enhancing transparency, accountability, and reporting capabilities.

Student Administration

We enable efficient student administration processes, including admissions, enrollment, academic records, and student financials.

Campus Self-Service Portals

We help create user-friendly self-service portals for students, faculty, and staff, enhancing their experience and reducing administrative burdens.

Workday Consulting

  • Implementation and Configuration
  • HR and Talent Management
  • Financial Management
  • Student Information System
  • Analytics and Reporting
Workday Consulting

Our Workday consulting services focus on leveraging this leading cloud-based ERP system to drive operational excellence in the education sector.

Implementation and Configuration

We assist in the successful implementation and configuration of Workday, ensuring seamless integration with existing systems.

HR and Talent Management

We optimize HR and talent management processes, including workforce planning, recruitment, performance management, and learning and development.

Financial Management

We help organizations streamline financial processes, including budgeting, procurement, expense management, and financial reporting.

Student Information System

We enable efficient management of student information, including admissions, academic records, course registration, and student services.

Analytics and Reporting

We empower organizations with advanced analytics and reporting capabilities within Workday, enabling data-driven decision-making and insights.

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