Accelerated automation and upskilled employees for a leading US-based company​


The client’s requirement was to review their toolset to address slow automation progress. The QA team was an expert in the domain but lacked sufficient automation skills. The problem statement involved evaluating the existing toolset, implementing accelerators, and enhancing efficiency while providing training to bridge the skillset gap.​​


A comprehensive assessment was conducted to determine the QA team’s automation skills and interest level. Based on the findings, a customized training plan was designed to bridge skill gaps and enhance the team’s automation capabilities.

The existing automation tool required extensive Java knowledge and prolonged training time. So, a low code automation tool was introduced, enabling quick adoption and reducing the learning curve for non-automation professionals.

Introducing ready-to-use frameworks and automation utilities further accelerated scripting speed, streamlining testing practices and enhancing overall efficiency.​


2xIncrease in automation speed​

50%Uptick in automation adoption​​

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Accelerated automation and upskilled employees for a leading US-based company​

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