Quality Assurance and Sustainability

Academian’s Testing as a Service (TaaS) solution is tailored to your project’s needs, offering state-of-the-art testing tools, methodologies, and expertise. Our customizable, scalable and sustainable approach optimizes your testing process, ensuring high-quality software delivery.

What Academian Offers

QA Transformation

As a professional services company, Academian’s people make the difference in driving innovation and delivering high-quality services to clients.

Shift Left

Accelerate defect detection and prevention by integrating testing activities earlier in the software development lifecycle.

  • In-Sprint Automation
  • In-Sprint Accessibility Testing
  • In-Sprint Performance Testing
  • Incremental Security Testing
  • Continuous Testing Integration

Enterprise Automation

Evolve your QA automation strategy by transitioning from UI only automation to a pyramid approach that includes unit and service test automation.

  • Enhanced Test Coverage
  • Early Defect Detection
  • Faster Time to Execution
  • Optimized Automation Effort

Low Code Automation

Embrace low code automation to accelerate QA Automation. Empowered manual testers to create Automation tests.

  • Empowered Manual Testers
  • Increased Automation Adoption
  • Accelerated Automation Scripting
  • Improved Test Coverage

New Trends: AI, Visual Automation

Expand testing capabilities beyond functional automation by harnessing the potential of AI-based visual automation tools.

  • Enhanced UI Defect Detection
  • Improved Testing Accuracy
  • Integrated with Existing Automation
  • Increased Automation Coverage

Test Maturity Model Integration - TMMi

Elevate your testing capabilities and achieve software excellence with TMMi (Test Maturity Model Integration). Assess your current maturity level, devise a customized roadmap, implement industry best practices, enhance skills, and prioritize quality. Seamlessly mitigate risks, foster continuous improvement, and consistently deliver high-quality software.

Key Performance Indicator

Measure the effectiveness and impact of Quality Assurance (QA) goals with Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). These quantifiable metrics offer valuable insights into the performance, efficiency, and quality of the QA processes. By aligning KPIs with QA goals, we can track progress, drive continuous improvement, and ensure the delivery of exceptional software products.

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