Academians: Program For Learning Upskilling & Success

What is A-PLUS?

A-PLUS is a program designed with an objective for Learning, Upskilling and Success.​

  • Upskilling

    A-Plus supports professional growth by offering targeted upskilling. Regardless of your current standing, we provide personalized development plans, coaching, and resources to help you unlock your full potential.

  • Success

    A-Plus is dedicated to helping individuals achieve success in their careers. Our program focuses on equipping you with the necessary tools, skills, and knowledge to excel in your chosen field.

  • Learning

    A-Plus offers continuous learning opportunities for all career stages. Whether you are starting fresh or aiming to move ahead in your career, the program provides structured curriculum, mentorship, and hands-on experience to excel in your role.​

Key Features​

  • Customized track-based program
  • Structured curriculum in Sprints
  • Ongoing assessment for progress tracking
  • Outcome-oriented approach
  • Hybrid learning model
Key Features​

Customized track-based program

Enrolled members follow a tailored program based on the track (Product, Engineering, or QA), ensuring targeted and relevant learning experiences.​

Structured curriculum in Sprints

The program is organized into Sprints, where topics progress from fundamental to advanced levels, providing a structured and comprehensive learning journey.

Ongoing assessment for progress tracking

Intermittent and final assessments evaluate the progress and effectiveness of each Sprint and the overall program, ensuring continuous improvement and accountability.

Outcome-oriented approach

The program’s success is determined by the results of multiple assessments directly linked to the program’s curriculum, ensuring measurable and tangible outcomes.​

Hybrid learning model

The program offers a hybrid learning experience, utilizing platforms like Udemy for online courses and incorporating in-person or team training sessions.


  • Talent Pipeline
  • Performance Enhancement
  • Improved retention rates
  • Enhanced Efficiency
  • Competitive Edge
  • Long-term Success

Talent Pipeline

Access to a pool of highly trained Freshers, ready to contribute and learn quickly, ensuring a continuous influx of skilled resources for the organization.

Performance Enhancement

Transform underperforming team members into high performers through specialized training and support, maximizing their potential and improving overall team productivity.

Improved retention rates

Investing in employee development and career growth initiatives can help retain the top talent, saving us the costs associated with high turnover rates.

Enhanced Efficiency

Benefit from a more capable and skilled workforce, resulting in increased efficiency, improved project outcomes, and streamlined operations.

Competitive Edge

Stay ahead of the competition by harnessing the combined advantages of a trained Fresher workforce, improved team performance, and a workforce prepared for career progression.

Long-term Success

Building a culture of continuous learning and development fosters an environment where employees are motivated, engaged, and equipped to drive long-term success for the organization.

Onboarding Timeline​

  • Hiring

    Join as Jr BA/SE/TE
  • Training

    3 Months Training​
    Online + Instructor Led​
  • Review

  • Project Shadow

    3 Months Shadow in a Project​
    Mentor Assigned​
    Continuous Feedback​
  • Review

  • Billable

    Project Assigned​
    Join as Dev/SE/TA

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