At Academian, we specialize in providing comprehensive consulting services to help organizations in the education sector achieve their strategic goals and embark on a successful digital transformation journey. Our services are designed to empower educational institutions and edtech companies with the tools and expertise they need to thrive in today’s rapidly evolving landscape.

How Can We Help?

We are committed to helping organizations navigate the complexities of strategic decision-making, technology adoption, and digital transformation in the education sector. Our experienced consultants bring deep industry knowledge, technical expertise, and a passion for driving positive change. We help our customers develop actionable plans to increase platform adoption, learner engagement, increased operational efficiency and be a partner, step-by-step through the change management process.

Continuous Support in Educational Innovation

Our unwavering commitment is to remain at the forefront of the rapidly innovating market. As a dedicated partner to our customers, we guide them in developing impactful learning experiences for their end-users—the Learner. Our approach involves providing continuous support throughout the entire project lifecycle and beyond implementation. We understand the importance of fostering enduring relationships, ensuring our clients receive ongoing assistance to navigate the evolving landscape of educational innovation.

What Academian Offers

Business and Product
Strategy Consulting

  • Market Research and Analysis
  • Unique Value Proposition
  • Partnership and Collaborations
  • Product and Service Portfolio
  • LMS Integrations
  • Pricing and Business Models
Business and Product
Strategy Consulting

Our Business and Product Strategy consulting helps you shape a winning strategy to drive growth and stay ahead of the competition.

Market Research and Analysis

We conduct in-depth research and analysis to help you understand market trends, identify target audiences, and uncover growth opportunities.

Unique Value Proposition

We work with you to define and communicate your unique value proposition, helping you differentiate your offerings and attract more customers.

Partnership and Collaborations

We assist in forging strategic partnerships and collaborations to expand your reach, enhance your offerings, and create mutually beneficial alliances.

Product and Service Portfolio

We assist in developing a diverse and compelling product and service portfolio that caters to the specific needs of your target market.

LMS Integrations

We help you integrate a robust Learning Management System (LMS) into your operations, enabling seamless content delivery, Learner management, and assessment.

Pricing and Business Models

We help you devise optimal pricing strategies and business models that align with your goals and maximize profitability.

Learning Design

  • Needs Assessment
  • Product Design Conceptualization
  • Curriculum Development and LO Alignment
  • Pedagogical Integration
  • Technology Integration
  • Assessment and Evaluation Strategiess
  • Continuous Improvement and Evaluation
  • Localization and Translation
Learning Design

Consulting for learning design is a process. It encompasses several activities that together help build a design framework that is outcome-oriented and rooted in practices best set to achieve the designed learning experiences. Through collaborative partnerships, we work closely with stakeholders to identify their unique needs and develop customized solutions that align with their goals and objectives.

Needs Assessment

We evaluate an organization’s existing learning programs, identify gaps and opportunities, and gather insights from stakeholders to understand their specific requirements.

Product Design Conceptualization

We conceptualize the design expectations to determine the product type and detail its specifications, such as fully online courses, blended learning programs, mobile-first applications, microlearning modules, video-based courses, virtual classrooms, and more.

Curriculum Development and LO Alignment

Working closely with subject matter experts and stakeholders, we define clear learning objectives (LO) and design a curriculum that aligns with the organizational or academic goals and addresses the identified needs.

Pedagogical Integration

We employ evidence-informed pedagogical approaches and instructional design principles to create effective learning experiences through interactive learning materials, including multimedia content, assessments, and activities.

Technology Integration

We explore educational technologies and assist in integrating them seamlessly into the learning environment to enhance engagement, collaboration, and personalized learning experiences.

Assessment and Evaluation Strategies

We develop effective assessment strategies, including formative and summative assessments, to measure learning outcomes and provide valuable feedback for continuous improvement.

Continuous Improvement and Evaluation

We establish mechanisms for ongoing evaluation and feedback, allowing for iterative improvements and ensuring the learning design remains effective and responsive to evolving needs.

Localization and Translation

We offer precise localization and translation services to adapt educational content for diverse linguistic and cultural contexts, including curriculum materials, assessments, and digital resources, ensuring inclusivity and accessibility.

Training Design Consulting

  • Job Outcome and Success Metric Analysis
  • Customized Training Types
  • Skill-Focused Curriculum Design
  • ROI-Focused Design
  • Sustainable Skill Upgrades
  • Role-Specific Assessments
  • Leadership Development Strategies
  • Technical and Process Training
  • Adaptive Learning Technologies
  • Continuous Evaluation and Feedback
Training Design Consulting

Our training design consulting focuses on collaborating with companies to craft targeted and impactful training programs tailored to meet specific business objectives through employee skill development.

Job Outcome and Success Metric Analysis

We conduct an in-depth analysis to understand the specific job outcomes required for different roles within the organization. By identifying key success metrics, we align with business objectives and use these as benchmarks to measure the effectiveness of the training programs.

Customized Training Types

We tailor training programs to diverse business needs, encompassing onboarding processes, sustainability initiatives, product compliance, sales enablement, technical training, process training, and leadership development.

Skill-Focused Curriculum Design

We develop a curriculum that places a strong emphasis on targeted skill development. Aligning training objectives with the desired skill sets for each role ensures that the content is practical, relevant, and directly contributes to employee proficiency.

ROI-Focused Design

We incorporate strategies for Return on Investment (ROI) into the training design process by defining measurable indicators of success, both in terms of employee performance and broader organizational outcomes. We help implement mechanisms to track and evaluate ROI, considering factors such as increased productivity, reduced turnover, and improved job performance.

Sustainable Skill Upgrades

We design training programs with a focus on sustainable skill upgrades. We implement continuous learning initiatives, mentorship programs, and resources that facilitate ongoing skill development beyond the initial training period.

Role-Specific Assessments

We develop role-specific assessment methodologies to measure the effectiveness of training. These assessments may include job simulations, performance evaluations, and knowledge assessments tailored to the specific requirements of each role.

Leadership Development Strategies

We integrate leadership training into the overall design, and recognize the importance of cultivating leadership skills. We design modules that address leadership competencies, decision-making, and effective communication.

Technical and Process Training

We create targeted modules for technical and process-oriented training, ensuring employees acquire the knowledge and skills necessary for their roles. We incorporate hands-on exercises, case studies, and real-world examples to enhance the practical application of technical and procedural knowledge.

Adaptive Learning Technologies

We explore and integrate adaptive learning technologies to personalize the training experience. We leverage data-driven insights to tailor content delivery based on individual learner needs, optimizing engagement and knowledge retention.

Continuous Evaluation and Feedback

We implement a robust system for continuous evaluation and feedback, such as regularly assessing the effectiveness of the training programs through participant feedback, performance metrics, and ongoing communication with stakeholders. We use this feedback loop for continuous improvement and refinement of the training design.

Technology Consulting

  • Player
  • Planning And Teaching System
  • Assessments
  • Connected Classrooms
  • Data Privacy and Security
  • Scalability and Customizations
  • OPENSALT Implementations
Technology Consulting

Our technology consulting focuses on leveraging innovative technologies to enhance teaching, learning, and administrative processes.


We help you implement interactive tools and platforms that enhance learner engagement and foster active learning.

Planning And Teaching System

We assist in implementing efficient planning and teaching systems that optimize resource allocation and improve instructional delivery.


We help you design and implement effective assessment strategies and tools to measure learner progress and achievement.

Connected Classrooms

We enable seamless connectivity and collaboration among learners, teachers, and administrators through connected classroom technologies.

Data Privacy and Security

We prioritize data privacy and security, implementing robust measures to safeguard sensitive information and comply with regulatory requirements.

Scalability and Customizations

We ensure the technology infrastructure is scalable and customizable to adapt to changing needs and future growth.

OPENSALT Implementations

We guide customers through the implementation of OPENSALT, a powerful framework for mapping skills and standards across different educational domains.

Digital Transformation Consulting

  • Professional Development System
  • Administrative Systems
  • Rostering Methods
  • Professional Services and Support
  • Continuous Innovation and Adaptation
  • User Satisfaction Enhancement
Digital Transformation Consulting

Our Digital Transformation consulting helps you harness the power of technology to transform your organization into a digital-first entity.

Professional Development System

We assist in implementing a comprehensive professional development system that empowers educators with the skills and knowledge needed to leverage technology.

Administrative Systems

We help you streamline administrative processes through the integration of efficient systems and tools, enhancing productivity and reducing manual effort.

Rostering Methods

We optimize rostering methods to ensure efficient resource allocation, minimize scheduling conflicts, and improve operational efficiency.

Professional Services and Support

We provide ongoing professional services and support to ensure a smooth digital transformation journey and maximize the value derived from technology investments.

Continuous Innovation and Adaptation

We foster a culture of continuous innovation and adaptation, helping you stay at the forefront of technological advancements and embrace emerging trends.

User Satisfaction Enhancement

We enhance user satisfaction by providing intuitive interfaces, personalized experiences, and seamless interactions with technology platforms.

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