Inclusive Learning Journeys

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging (DEIB) ensures fair access, guiding students through challenges, and creating an inclusive space where empathy and understanding thrive.

A Commitment to Inclusive Learning

We skillfully craft learning environments that mirror the real world, championing equity, embracing diversity, and fostering inclusion. Through relatable stories, transparent communication, and an inclusive tone, our courses become a warm platform for meaningful connections, celebrating the uniqueness of each individual.

A Commitment to Inclusive Learning

What Academian Offers

  • Accessibility Audit
  • Inclusive Design Consultation
  • Compliance Monitoring
  • DEIB Audit
What Academian Offers

Accessibility Audit

We conduct comprehensive accessibility audits to identify any barriers or issues that may hinder access for users with disabilities. Our experts provide detailed reports outlining recommendations for improving accessibility and ensuring compliance with Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.1, Section 508, ADA, and other relevant standards.

Inclusive Design Consultation

Our team works closely with our customers to incorporate inclusive design principles from the initial stages of product development. We provide guidance on inclusive user interface design, cultural sensitivity, inclusive language, alternative text for images, adaptive design strategies, captioning and transcripts for multimedia content, and other best practices.

Compliance Monitoring

We offer ongoing compliance monitoring to ensure edtech products maintain compliance as new guidelines, regulations, and laws emerge. Our team conducts regular audits and provides timely recommendations to address any potential compliance issues.

DEIB Audit

Our DEIB specialists reviewing policies, practices, and programs to identify areas of strength, as well as areas that need improvement. It typically includes data analysis, employee surveys and interviews, and a comprehensive review of the organization’s DEIB initiatives.

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