Digital Content Transformation and Maintenance

We specialize in transforming traditional learning materials into engaging digital formats, ensuring seamless transitions and ongoing content upkeep.

Transitioning to Digital Formats

Our comprehensive suite of content conversion, migration, and maintenance services involves the transformation, transfer, and upkeep of educational content. The process encompasses:

  • Adapting content from various formats and systems
  • Relocating it to new platforms
  • Ongoing management to uphold quality and effectiveness

As eLearning platforms and technologies advance, the need to update, transfer, and maintain existing content becomes increasingly essential. These services enable organizations to leverage their existing resources, adapt to new technologies, and uphold the value of their educational content.

Whether transitioning from traditional to digital formats or ensuring content relevance over time, our offerings seamlessly integrate into the larger eLearning ecosystem.

Challenges in Content Development and Packaging

  • Keeping pace with technological advancements
  • Adapting to changing educational policies and standards
  • Integration and compatibility with existing systems
  • Customization and personalization
  • Technical compatibility and scalability
Challenges in Content Development and Packaging

Keeping pace with technological advancements

Staying abreast of emerging technologies, programming languages, and development tools can be challenging and requires continuous learning and skill development.

Adapting to changing educational policies and standards

Educational policies, standards, and regulations can vary across regions and evolve over time. We must stay updated with these changes and ensure that their solutions align with the latest requirements.

Integration and compatibility with existing systems

Educational institutions often have existing infrastructure, learning management systems, and software in place. Compatibility issues and technical complexities can pose challenges during integration of diverse content sources and formats.

Customization and personalization

Meeting the diverse needs of educational institutions and individual educators requires robust customization and personalization capabilities. Accommodating these variations while maintaining a cohesive solution can be a challenge.

Technical compatibility and scalability

Solutions need to be compatible with a wide range of devices, operating systems, and learning management systems. Ensuring that the packaged solution works seamlessly across different platforms and scales effectively with increasing user bases can be a technical challenge.

What Academian Offers

  • Content Conversion
  • Content Ingestion
  • Media Services
  • ePub Conversion
  • XML Conversion
  • LMS and CMS Production Support Services
  • Content Maintenance
What Academian Offers

Content Conversion

We transform legacy learning materials, whether in print or other formats, into interactive and digitally accessible content. We also migrate traditional content from outdated or incompatible learning platforms to secure, modern systems, ensuring streamlined course management. This service enables educational institutions, publishers, and organizations to adapt their resources, making content accessible and engaging.

Content Ingestion

We integrate diverse content into a centralized system, streamlining the process of collecting, organizing, and incorporating digital files, multimedia assets, textual information, and assessment items. We automate tasks such as file uploads, content categorization, and metadata enhancement that allows us to populate content into a customer’s proprietary platform or LMS.

Media Services

We transcribe audio-video content and create closed captioning formats that provide textual translation to the learners.

ePub Conversion

We ensure content is optimized for a variety of eReaders, whether through a precise and visually rich fixed layout for intricate designs or a flexible and adaptable reflowable format for seamless reading across devices.

XML Conversion

We parse existing data sources, such as databases, spreadsheets, or other proprietary formats, and encode the information into XML format. The tasks comprise schema design, validation, and mapping to ensure the accurate representation of data elements.

LMS and CMS Production Support Services

Our dedicated teams analyze the production requests and complete tickets within the agreed turn-around-time. Our services cover bug fixes, troubleshooting, and user support. Our teams excel in categorizing and prioritizing issues based on severity, and our client-centric approach includes regular updates and collaboration to align with expectations.

Content Maintenance

Our subject matter experts and editorial specialists conduct regular updates to ensure content relevance and accuracy. Whether it’s adapting to evolving educational standards, incorporating feedback, or ensuring compatibility with emerging technologies, our team is committed to maintaining the value and currency of the learning content.