Application Development and Modernization

By leveraging our expertise in application development and modernization, we at Academian empower educational organizations to enhance the performance, functionality, and security of their existing applications.

Tailored Applications

From crafting custom software solutions to seamlessly integrating cloud services and optimizing network development, our dedicated team specializes in tailoring applications to the unique requirements of educational environments. We go beyond conventional development by prioritizing user-centric designs, ensuring intuitive interfaces for both administrators and end-users. This approach not only improves operational efficiency but also elevates user satisfaction.

Our commitment extends to continuous improvement and adapting to evolving technological landscapes, assuring educational institutions of reliable, forward-thinking solutions.

Why Invest in Application Development?

One common challenge organizations in education face is outdated systems. Outdated applications are software programs or systems that have become obsolete or fallen behind in terms of technological advancements and updates. These applications no longer meet the functional requirements, security standards, or performance expectations of users.

Resons for Modernization

Application modernization enables an organization to protect its investments and refresh its software portfolio to take advantage of contemporary infrastructure, tools, languages and other technology progress. A robust application modernization strategy can:

  • Reduce the resources required to run an application
  • Increase the frequency and reliability of deployments
  • Improve uptime and resiliency

As a result, an application modernization plan is a common feature of an enterprise’s overall digital transformation strategy.

What Academian Offers

Challenges with Outdated Applications

  • Compatibility Issues
  • Security Risks
  • Integration Challenges
Challenges with Outdated Applications

Compatibility Issues

Outdated applications may face compatibility issues with modern operating systems, hardware configurations, or other software components, leading to potential performance degradation. This can compromise the ability to leverage new features. Upgrading these applications is crucial for seamless integration with contemporary technologies and unlocking enhanced functionality.

Security Risks

Unsupported or outdated applications frequently lack essential security patches and updates, rendering them susceptible to various threats like malware, viruses, or hacking attempts. This, in turn, poses a risk to sensitive data.

Integration Challenges

As technology advances, outdated applications may face challenges in seamless integration with newer applications or services. This potential impedance can hinder data sharing, collaboration, and interoperability among different systems within an organization.

What Academian Offers

  • Access and Discover
  • Continuous Delivery
  • Application Reengineering
  • Application Modernization
What Academian Offers

Access and Discover

  • Futureproof the product for a connected landscape.
  • Restructure the platform strategy to support multiple business models.
  • Leverage expertise in the education domain.
  • Demonstrate strong problem-solving skills.
  • Boast a team of certified professionals and domain experts.

Continuous Delivery

  • Optimize workflows with streamlined DevOps implementation.
  • Proactively manage performance with comprehensive application monitoring.
  • Scale and adapt with secure, reliable cloud hosting.
  • Choose the delivery models—onshore, offshore, or a seamless blend for maximized efficiency.

Application Reengineering

  • Implement new frameworks/tech stacks
  • ​Refactor and upgrade to latest version in same technology stack
  • Engage in resource training and development
  • Ensure product-centric design and development

Application Modernization

  • Re-architect and modernize the technology stack​
  • Re-build with service first, modular approach
  • Provide application development expertise